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August 26, 2013
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Meet the Twimedic - P1 by Metal-Kitty Meet the Twimedic - P1 by Metal-Kitty
It is now Twilight's turn, and she comes as none other than... THE MEDIC!

Why Twimedic?
Naturally, I felt Twilight's disposition as both an intellectual and a magician meant that she had to be a class that was either smart and/or none-mundane. The Medic, as it so happened, fit both of these, armed with his healing and ubercharging, his mad scientist tendencies, and more than enough syringes to murder a grown man, it just seemed right. It has been said machinery in Equestria is powered by unicorn magic, so that also explains the heal-beam and such. Finally, Twilight's role as a sort of go-to pony for problems, both friendship and weirdness related, seemed to make it right. Bonus points? Among the various other titles given to the Medic in Medieval mode, we have 'Wizard', 'Witchdoctor', and 'Apothecary', and the Medic has stated an interest in learning magic, as seen here...…

Why not Twilight Sniper?
Okay, I honestly felt like when whoever made the famous match-ups did this, they simply lacked any form of love for the character and put her in whatever role was left over. Either that or she was their favorite character, and so was the sniper. While some argue the Sniper's job 'takes intelligence' I would like to disagree - it takes ACCURACY, yes, but a complete moron can be accurate. The Sniper is a woodsman, a hunter, and a guy who seems at one with nature - Twilight is, literally, like his polar opposite or something.

Other thoughts?
I had considered making Twilight the engineer (teleporting, energy weapons) and the demomare (magical history). I even contemplated Pyro for a bit, seeing as Twilight HAS been prone to go nuts, but I decided pyromancy was not quite her thing.

Next -…

Heavy -…
Soldier -…
Engineer -…
Demo -…
Scout -…
Sniper -…
Spy -…
Pyro - Coming Soon

Art (C) :iconmetal-kitty:
MLP (C) Hasbro/Lauren Faust
TF2 (C) Valve
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while, i don't disagree with twilight as the medic, I must put forth that, from what ive gathered, being a sniper tends to be more based around mathematics (measuring wind velocities, bullet drop, inertia exct) more then it is manual accuracy.

still, twi-medic is awsome and so is fluttersniper, so ive no complaints
Maybe, but if we're going by mathematics, why not make Twilight engineer? That probably takes even more mathematics.  My problem with TwiSniper is that it abandons everything about Twilight all for that 'mathematics' argument, which is used to connect to intelligence, when there's a class that builds sentries and teleporters, and one who uses healing beams and energy shields.  Additionally, Twilight is the leader of the Mane 6, a pony that everypony counts on a lot - putting her as the Sniper, whom a good team can do without (and, in fact, is often considered dead weight in MvM) just seems unfitting.
as ive said, i do agree with you're choice for twilight, im just saying sniping does require a degree of intellect. Medic does definatly make a lot of sense for twilight, and i think fluttershy DOES pull off sniper better. I know you have to defend your decisions alot with this series, so i just wanna be clear im not disputing them at all
Intellect or good instinct; gotta remember, the Sniper is a bushman.  Something strikes me he's more of an 'street smart' fellow than a 'book smart' type. :P
That's actually a good application of a scientific principle to an unclear fictional process like he ubercharge. Also, very clever and original way to open.
Sniper. Makes sense. How is medic much better? Other the battle medics, a medic always follows a teammate. By your logic, twi should be soldier or heavy.

The Medic often turns the tide of battle.  Of all the classes, he is the one who performs the most amazing feats.  He may not shoot big bombs or high-fire-rate guns, but his ubercharges are a thing to be feared.  The Engineer's most amazing feat is teleportation; cool as it is, the Medic is still the one who shakes the ground.

Also? Only a Pocket Medic sticks to following and relying on others.  An awesome Medic will know when to fight, when to heal, and when to run.  You're given four different types of Syringe Gun under the idea you will use them.
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I'm starting to think that these guys just shove these ponies into these roles, and then the more creative come up with stupid reasons to support it. I like your direction with these ponies, it works well.
GenoGod21 Oct 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Love what you did with Twi's hair
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