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August 2, 2013
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Meet the Engie-Pie P1 by Metal-Kitty Meet the Engie-Pie P1 by Metal-Kitty
Why Engineer?
Some people might think I did this to be different, but that's not the case. As cool as it is to break away from the main concept, I had another purpose. Truth be told, Pinkie Pie always strikes me as a gadgeteer - she has a party cannon, a propeller bike, that weird... oven... confetti cannon mish-mash device, and who knows what else? By far, Pinkie has definatly made her place as the pony with the greatest tendency towards using gadgets and devices. While her personality may not match the Engineer, her tendency towards devices does.

Why not Pyro?
Truth be told, given the original matchups were made before Meet the Pyro, I have no idea how Pinkie got matched with everyone's favorite arsonist beyond maybe people reading Cupcakes and taking her depressive episode as a hint towards a darker self. The Pyro really does not fit Pinkie - she's a party-pony, she likes to have fun, and while one could argue running around setting things on fire fits that, I dare say it just doesn't strike me as Pinkie.

Next -…

Heavy -…
Soldier -…
Engineer - Buildin' a Party Cannon!
Demo -…
Scout -…
Sniper -…
Spy -…
Medic -…
Pyro -…

Art (C) :iconmetal-kitty:
MLP:FiM (C) Hasbro/Lauren Faust
TF2 (C) Valve
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LuminaBalderson Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014
I think that Pinkie fits Scout better, because she's both fast enough to keep up with RD, and can break the fourth wall.

Still, I enjoy seeing what your take on them is, because you do well meshing together their roles.
DJMorphasis Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014
I say Pyro somewhat fits her because in meet the pyro it clearly shows that he may be burning and killing everyone, but he thinks he's running around having fun spreading rainbows and sugar. I'd say that fits Pinkie.
Metal-Kitty Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014
Somewhat, yes.  I wasn't aiming for "somewhat".

I wanted something that felt substancial.  The Pyro's hallucination is a result of Pyromania; he's not trying to make others happy or anything, he's just reveling in the destruction.  I wanted something that not only encapsulated Pinkie Pie, but that Pinkie Pie could also bring a flair to.  Pinkie fits Pyrovision, but what of the rest? The pyromania? The fire? The (relative) silence?

I felt Pyro was self-limiting, so I wanted a class I could explain for Pinkie that did not rely heavily on one trivial trait that could explain why any of them would be insane.
Poppun Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
Come to think of it, doesn't Andrea Libman have an engineering degree?

In Pinkie's case you could use that as a bonus argument in favour of "Engie Pie"
Metal-Kitty Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
I did, but apparently to some it doesn't hold as much water as Pyro seeing candy canes and rainbows all the time. :P

Ah well.  I still like Engie Pie more than Pinkie Pyro.
4spirits Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014
You know what? It's not what I expected, but I like it!
merc267 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014

I don't believe the reason why people picked Pinkie as pyro is not just because of Cupcakes or she's an arsonist (let's be honest neither is Spike, so that excuse could be used  against almost every mane 6 cast). The reason why people picked Pinkie is because both Pinkie and Pyro act like children. Both their minds are child-like and they believe everything is happy, unless Pyro takes off his pyro goggles, or Pinkie opens her freakin' eyes and see the danger that is in front of her, or the dangers that both Pinkie and her friends are going to deal with (*cough* Dragonshy *cough*).

Another reason why people picked Applejack as Engineer is not just because she's a country pony like the Engineer himself, but the fact is that she is a known female character that rebuilds/build things. A great example. Her barn. Almost every season, her barn will be destroyed, and she and her brother Big Mac will be there to always rebuild it. And during the times she's not rebuilding, she's seen applebucking, and selling apples. True that she isn't the type of pony that could do math problem, but let's be honest, neither is Pinkie. In fact, if we think of one pony that is extremely good with math, Pinkie would be last in the list. Applejack rebuilding barns, fences, etc is similar to the Engineer building a sentry, dispenser and teleporters. Applejack's applebucking is similar to Engineer collecting metals. Applejack selling apples is similar to the Engineer's dispenser giving away ammo, health, and metal to his team. And that's why people choose her rather than Pinkie. But whatever floats your boat dude.

Metal-Kitty Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014
First off, I know Pinkie's personality sinks up with the Pyro's hallucinations; like I said before, I don't care about personality match-up unless all else fails.  My main focus is skill and habit.  Skill because, let's face it, Twilight Sparkle only shooting straight is boring and dull for a character who is supposed to be a wizard.  I took into account Pinkie Pie's use of gadgets; she is the only character to do so in great amounts.  She has toys stashed all over the place for emergencies.  She likes to throw parties.  Pinkie Pie is not a one trick pony - she does a lot of things.  Making her a class whose only skills are setting things on fire and un-setting things on fire? That's extremely limiting for Ms. Pie.  For me, it had to be either a class that was noisy (Heavy, Soldier, Demo) or a class that was resourceful (Engineer).

The Applejack thing has me confused - when did Applejack ever build anything? Besides the raft in Pinkie Apple Pie, that is (her family helped build that; we have no idea just how much skill she has in building).  During the Apple Family Reunion, she simply sang while everyone else built the barn, and I forget if she has implied the need to build a new barn after Rainbow destroyed the old one or if a new one already existed and said old barn was just overdue for demise? I don't really think we've ever seen Applejack build or imply building anything on her own, or even build anything with the greatest amount of work put into it.  If I'm wrong, please correct me. :P  Sure, we've never seen Pinkie do it either, but we know she uses gadgets; that already sticks her up higher than AJ.  Bonus points if she actually does build her stuff (which we also do not know).

Spike actually uses fire, and is actually fire-resistant; the personality differences are negligible.  Pinkie actually uses gadgets and is notorious for multi-tasking; that made her ideal for Engie.  When you match by personality, you often force an extreme limiter on the characters; like stuffing someone in a closet with no elbow space.  Sometimes, you even introduce them to outright contradictions (Twilight Sparkle calling Applejack 'egghead' and 'booksmarts' particularly bugged me. :P)
zappo210 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013
other then her supposed love of devices, what else is there.

for starters, she's ADD, so she'd probably be distracted by a butterfly before she came close to building that nest of hers.

second, pinkie pie may be smart in fourth wall stuff and various jokes, but lets be honest here: SHES STUPID AS HELL OTHERWISE. She doesnt know when to take a hint, she wastes money on parties, and she's just a total ditz most of the time.
Metal-Kitty Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013
She loves to help, and she's shown herself to be resourceful; Pinkie is, as such, very suited for someone who would serve more than one job.  Being able to play a mix of support, defense, and offense fits well for the mare who does a little of everything.

Pinkie isn't stupid at all; we're never lead to believe she is.  She can be oblivious, yes, but even Twilight can be caught off guard.
Pinkie Pie was smart enough to try to plan to lead the Parasprites away before they multiplied; sure, that sounds like a common sense thing, but considering nopony else even knew what parasprites were, she not only knew that much, but knew how to get rid of them, and was working on it from the very begining.

She has her party cannon, her oven/confetti cannon combo device, her gyrocopter... she may have built those herself.  Sure, we don't have evidence she did, but they definitely have a very Pinkie-Pie flare to them.  (After all, a comic revealed the Engi didn't invent his sentries; Radigan did).

Pinkie Pie has not shown any known limits in the cartoon; she has shown herself to be occasionally oblivious and easily distracted, yes, but when she sets her mind on a task, she sticks with it.  When she wants something done, more often than not, it's done.  Once she figures it out, she becomes an instant expert.

Really, Pinkie could probably fit any role in this game.
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